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Rear Disc Brakes

19 May 2021

When I first had my car MOTed after the rebuild, I had problems with the rear drum brakes. I ended up replacing my new drums, shoes and cylinders with yet another new set to solve the problem. I learnt to hate drum brakes and resolved to swap to disc brakes as soon as was practical. I know this isn’t going to make the braking any better but it should reduce maintainence effort and I enjoyed doing it as a project. Read more here

Spring Spacers

14 May 2021

I have C-AHT21 competition springs on the front of my MGB because I wanted to lower it to a similar height as chrome bumpered cars. However, no matter how cool it looks, it’s too low. I struggle with speed humps, I get bad bump steer and occasionally ground on bumpy roads. How to finely tune right height on an MGB without coilovers? Spring spacers are one way to do it. Read more here

Drive-It Day

25 Apr 2021

I drove to Hastings today with my local MG car club. This was to support Drive-It day in aid of Childline. We took the scenic route along A & B roads, no motorway. In total, over 4 hours of driving and 150+ miles. It was an immense amount of fun.

Easter Sunday Outing

05 Apr 2021

I decided to go for a drive today considering it was bright and sunny. I stopped off at a local riverside park for a quick photo op. The car continues to perform flawlessly.

Exhaust Sound

21 Mar 2021

I’ve spent some time today experimenting with microphones, a USB microphone amplifier, and an Android mobile phone to taken an in-car video that actually sounded realistic. I think I’ve got there but now I just need to record a video worth watching :)