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Easter Sunday Outing

05 Apr 2021

I decided to go for a drive today considering it was bright and sunny. I stopped off at a local riverside park for a quick photo op. The car continues to perform flawlessly.

Exhaust Sound

21 Mar 2021

I’ve spent some time today experimenting with microphones, a USB microphone amplifier, and an Android mobile phone to taken an in-car video that actually sounded realistic. I think I’ve got there but now I just need to record a video worth watching :)

Third Brake Light

19 Mar 2021

By modern standards, the MGB is a small car. I felt that I needed to improve my safety and visibility in traffic by installing a high level third brake light. I found that a unit from a VW Passat B6 was ideal for the job! Read more here

Boot Trim

14 Mar 2021

This weekends job was to tidy up the trim in the boot area so it doesn’t look quite so bad and to improve noise insulation. It was made from some 5mm hardboard and some aluminium angled strips that I had laying around the workshop. I covered it in the same carpet that I’ve used for the rest of the car. It’s had a noticable positive effect on noise which can only get better once I add some more noise insulation to the underside.

On The Road Again

03 Mar 2021

I got refunded for the carpet that I ordered. Other vendors, whilst probably much more reliable and undoubtedly better quality were double the price, so I decided I’d stop being lazy and make my own using some rolled carpet that I bought from a friend. I spent a few days to complete and I’m proud of what I achieved. The end result is something that looks like it should be there. Perhaps it’s not stunningly good quality but also it doesn’t look at all out of place, which is mission accomplished. I’ve also re-taxed the car now that the weather is better so I’m enjoying driving it again. I’ve still got some more interior and exterior trim to complete, but it’s mostly done ready for what remains of 2021 show season.

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