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Starting and Charging

There’s 2 high amperage wires that connect the alternator output to the starter motor. I’ve unwrapped these wires from the main engine bay loom and re-routed them from starter motor through the bulkhead to the area beneath the dashboard on the drivers side. I’ve mounted a new fuse box here and I’m using these to feed 2 permanent live circuits. These circuits are used for the engine ECU and fuel pump circuits.

The new alternator wire is a heavy gauge wire that goes directly from the alternator to the starter motor.

The alternator that I’ve fitted is a 1-wire unit which means that the charge light does not work anymore. I’ve replaced it with an intelligent red LED light that flashes when battery level is too low or too high, lights when battery level is normal & goes out when battery is charging.

The starter motor itself is driven by the original MGB starter signal via the starter relay. This has not changed.