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The first challenge was the large and bulbous front-drop sump that the engine came with as standard on the Omega. This, of course, was NOT going to work in the MGB. It would foul the cross member in every way possible. A rear-drop sump was required! Luckily the front wheel drive variants of this engine (Vectra, Cavalier or Calibra) come with a sump that’s rear-drop when installed in a RWD configuration. So the first job to do on the engine is to remove the Omega sump and oil pickup pipe and install pickup and sump from a Vauxhall Vectra. When fitting the oil pickup pipe, make sure to use Loctite on the mounting bolts. You don’t want this thing falling off! Make sure to be very careful about using the correct torque for the bolts too. When fitting the sump make sure to use the correct high temperature silicone sealant and a new sump gasket. Once again be meticulous about correct torque.

Note, The sump bolts are really not done up very tight at all, so don’t overtighten.