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RLW 7W is my 1980 MGB GT LE in Pewter Metallic (one of the last 579 GTs ever made). I purchased my MGB as a project from a local seller in 2018 as a bare shell on a rotisserie with lots of boxes of bits. The body shell was very solid and was almost ready to reassemble. There had been a lot of work done on it in the past using genuine panels, and there was very little rot still to fix. On the whole, the car was in very good condition and was ideal for my requirements.

The car has now been fitted with a bigger, more modern V6 engine, with upgrades to the brakes and suspension. This will never be a concours show car and was never meant to be a faithful restoration. My aim is to build something that drives well, sounds nice, and is fun to drive.

This wiki is very much a living document. It will undergo regular updates so please visit often.