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Anti-Roll Bars

What’s the best anti-roll bar setup for your car? I’ve experimented with two set ups and here are my recommendations.

Standard roll bar

If you have a standard front anti-roll bar, the car benefits from retaining the rear anti-roll bar even if you’ve lowered the car to chrome bumper height. The rear bar makes the entire car feel more secure, predictable and modern. Without it, the car rolls far too much and seems vague & unpredictable on the road.

Uprated roll bar

An uprated 3/4” front anti-roll bar gives you the stability you need to be confident in the car. You can remove the rear bar and still feel confidence that the car is behaving as you’d expect. You will get a little movement at the rear because now you’ve only got the springs locating the axle, but in exchange you get better grip and traction. The car seems to settle into corners better. I’d love to try this setup with a panhard rod.

Of course, my engine location, weight, suspension, brakes and preferences are no doubt different to yours, so what works for me might not work for you.