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Bearsted Green Show

25 Jul 2022

I recently went to a local car show at Bearsted Green, Kent. It was a lovely sunny day and had a very good collection of classic cars. I met some nice conversations with people who seemed genuinely interested in what I’d done to the car. It was a lovely way to spend a sunny Sunday

MGB RV8 Axle Is Installed

20 Jun 2022

The RV8 axle is now cleaned up and installed. I had a few challenges finding room in the transmission tunnel for the handbrake mechanism but overall it was pretty straightforward to install. On the road, it’s fantastic! The ratios are perfect and the LSD gives me so much more traction. However, there are a few things that need addressing. Read more here

MGB RV8 Axle

18 May 2022

I scored a bargain on Ebay recently - an MG RV8 axle. For those in the know, this is quite a rare and usually expensive beast. It was used on a 1992-1995 MG RV8 which was based on an MGB. It’s a Salisbury 12HA axle with a 3.3 ratio and an OEM Quaife torque sensing limited slip differential (LSD). I’m pretty sure it’s going to fit the MGB but it’s very different from the MGB axle so it’s not a direct swap. The final drive ratio should be much better for my car and I’m excited to fit this but there are several hurdles to overcome first. Read more here


07 Sep 2021

I was out on a drive recently taking advantage of the amazing September sun that we’ve been having recently and couldn’t help but stop & take a pic of the amazing sunset.

Holland Sports Car Show

12 Aug 2021

I went to a car show yesterday and it’s the biggest I’ve been to for the last 2 years thanks to Covid. There was a nice balanced mix of interesting classic cars there and future classics including a very rare MG XPower SV! The weather was great and there was a nice relaxed friendly atmosphere with a bar and bbq. My MG got quite a bit of interest from people gathering around trying to work out what the engine swap was from. I got some positive comments too which was nice. On the whole, a very enjoyable evening.