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The X30XE as designed for the Omega comes with an inlet plenum with twin throttle bodies. These are designed to fit onto an apparatus known as a “multiram”. This, in association with the inlet plenum, is part of the variable length tuned intake system designed to enhance torque output. It’s described in detail in the Vauxhall College manual. The problem is, the entire Omega Multiram is physically too large to fit and also is designed to fit a drivers side mounted air filter. I don’t have room for that in the MGB so an alternative inlet is necessary. I considered omitting the Multiram completely but this didn’t necessarily solve any problems. I still needed to use the Omega rubber elbows that fitted onto the twin throttle bodies. Quite simply, I couldn’t replace them with rubber tube because they were so close together and I couldn’t locate any suitable tube that would fit. That left me with the situation that I needed to merge two 60mm pipes together into a single 80mm pipe so it could enter a common air flow meter. I tried various different solutions but the one that fitted the best was made from 76mm PVC pipe and looked conceptually similar to the standard Opel Omega part. It also allowed me to retain the multiram valve mechanism. To complete the solution, I mounted an air filter behind the front grill and connected the two with flexible air ducting.