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A lot of cars of this era use a suspended headlining held in place with steel rods however the MGB uses a hard headlining board that fits between the steel outer skin and the frame. I didn’t have one of these boards when I got my car, probably because it had a sunroof and therefore wouldn’t fit. However, these boards are usually perished anyway so I’d either need to make a new one or do it differently. I chose the latter option. I decided to stick the headlining direct to the outer skin. This is the least effort option which I hope will be successful in the long run.

To do this, I bought some 6mm sticky backed closed cell foam from ebay and some black 2mm foam backed headlining material from ebay.

Fitting was easy for me because I was in the process of fitting a new steel roof skin so I had the luxury of fitting the headlining whilst it was off the car. All I had to do was to make sure the foam was cut to shape larger than the visible area & then carefully stuck into place. I then cut a similar sized piece of headlining material & glued that directly onto the foam using spray contact adhesive. The resulting thickness is enough to take up the gap between the roof and the frame and results in a rather neat job.

I finished the job by replacing the old vinyl that covered the frame beneath the headlining with new black leather-effect vinyl. I also used the same 2mm headlining material to cover the trim piece that fits over the hatch hinges towards the rear of the roof.