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Third Brake Light

By modern standards, the MGB is a small car. I felt that I needed to improve my safety and visibility in traffic. One way I could do that was to install a high level third brake light. I wasn’t happy with any of the universal kits that I found. I wanted something that looked like it should be there. Specifically, I wanted something with a housing designed for the MGB rear screen. Obviously, no such thing existed so I would need to find something very close. After much research, I found a unit from a VW Passat B6. The shape of the housing is ideal for an MGB. It mounts to the glass with a pair of small alloy brackets that are glued on. The housing then slides onto these brackets. Half of the housing is visible through the glass and the other half overhangs the screen rubber and frame. It’s very slim and unobtrusive. Wiring is simple with just 2 wires - one to ground and one to the brake light.